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Landings in Kai Tak and Mikonos with Boeing 747
Download 8.8 MB Kai Tak Mania

1 minute / 8.8 MB / AVI format.

Approach into the old airport of Hong Kong with B747.
With regard to the background music ("Changes") and cockpit sounds an experimental cut out of various scenes.

Download 2.8 MB 747-200: Landing in Hong Kong

40 seconds / 2.8 MB / AVI format.

Boeing 747-200 hit by an extreme crosswind gust during the flare.

Download 2.8 MB 747-400: Landing in Mikonos

43 seconds / 2.8 MB / AVI format.

This time manually flown by myself in a full-motion-simulator at Lufthansa. The runway is rather short: 1400 meters / 4600 feet.

© 1993, 1998 by Hardy Heinlin


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Hello Hardy!
This is the best video of Kai Tak I have ever seen! I know what I'm talking because I have watched a lot of videos from Kai Tak in youtube. And the music Changes gives to it unusual climate and character, it suits to video very well as well as to B747, which is one of the "actors" there in video. I enjoy it and thanks a lot for placing it here and please keep up the excellent work on this site!!
Best Regards!!

P.S. Maybe if there is a possibilty you can place this part of video, when you are filming the approach over Kowloon and landing as a passenger of this wonderful B747! It is only my suggestion, but this will be very nice to see whole landing in Kai TAk as a passenger.

October 18, 2007
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