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E t w a s    i s t

(Something Is),
2005, oil on canvas, 39 x 28 inch (100 x 70 cm)

An Ovation for the First Empirical Axiom,
a Rebuke to the Radical Scepticism.
Where does certainty start?

I think, therefore I am. — Think? Certain?
I feel, therefore I am. — I? Certain?
Something feels, therefore something is. — Therefore? Certain?
Something feels. — Feels? Certain?
Something is. — Certain!

Nothing is not. Something, whatsoever, exists. Undoubtedly.
Full shot
Herewith I solemnly appoint the statement "Something is"
the First Empirical Axiom. — Applause! — Thank you.
This axiom is the only common denominator of all oppositions,
of all competing theories, of all atheisms and theisms.
The thinking may be an illusion, also the self, also the feel,
also space and time may be illusory —
yet something would with that exist. Something, whatsoever.
Even the radical scepticism is something.

© 2005 by Hardy Heinlin